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 IMO Requirements
 Supplier Registration Form
 Shipping address and delivery times
Supplier Registration Form  
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1. General Data
Name of company*  
Zipcode, City*  
2. Company Profile
Production Company Trading Company Service Company
Please give a short description of the strategy of your company*
Group to which the company belongs*  
Export experience*   Yes No
3. Commercial Data
Company registration number  
Place of jurisdiction  
Eequity ratio  
Turnover within the last three years
Year* Turnover in Thousand-EUR* Turnover with IMO in Thousand-EUR
Please list three customer references
Name* % of turnover*
4. Number of Employes
Year* Total* Production Administration Shifts
1 2 3
1 2 3
1 2 3
5. Contact
  Name* Extension E-Mail
Managing Director*  
Head of Sales*  
Head of Production*  
Head of Development  
Head of Quality Management  
Head of the Receiving Department  
Head of Shipping  
6. Quality Management
Are you certified according to recognized, international standards?*
Yes No Planned until:
DIN EN ISO 14001
Yes No Planned until:
ISO TS 16949, QS 9000, VDA
Yes No Planned until:
Yes No Planned until:
To whom the Head of Quality Management reports?  
Is there a written quality policy you follow?*   Yes No
Do you use preventive Quality Assurance methods like FMEA, SPC or others?*   Yes No
Do you have a system with guidelines for meeting environmental protection requirements?*   Yes No
Is the work safety and work protection part of your Management?*   Yes No
Do you have a product liability insurance?*   Yes No
If yes, max. amount of cover in EUR  
Do you have a business interruption insurance?*   Yes No
If yes, max. amount of cover in EUR  
Do you have a credit insurance?*   Yes No
If yes, with which company  
When you are certified, please enclose a copy of the certificate (Data upload or fax).
Per data upload:
If you are certified, the following questions to point 5 do not have to be answered. Please continue with point 6 production and products.
Are there regulations for...
  • ...the selection and ranking of your supplier?*
  •   Yes No
  • ...the control of your measuring instruments?*
  •   Yes No
  • ...the verification of contracts and orders?*
  •   Yes No
  • ...the usage and controlling of documents?*

  •   Yes No
    Are the responsibilities and authorities of the employees stated in written form?*   Yes No
    Are there any regulations for the qualification of the employees?*   Yes No
    Is there a planning and implementation system for quality tests?*   Yes No
    Are production and test results documented?*   Yes No
    Are quality documents accessible for the customer, if required?*   Yes No
    Are your employees acquainted with providing certificates according to customer specifications?*   Yes No
    7. Products
    What are your main products?*  
    Please inform us about the maximum dimensions of parts you are able to manufacture?*  
    Plase list your production machines (Type, Brand, Age)?  
    (Please add a seperate sheet in case the space is not sufficient)
    Which loading/unloading devices do you have at your facility?  
    Fork lift up to max.:
    Gantry crane up to max.:
    What are the operation hours of your shipping department?  
    Daily from / to:
    Saturday from / to:
    CAD-Data exchange is possible?*  
    Yes No: Format:
    This questionnaire was answered by:*  
    Department/ Function*  
    Place*, Date  

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