Slew drives
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What is a slew drive?

A slew drive is a ready-to-install unit consisting of a ball or roller slewing ring for the simultaneous transfer of axial and radial forces as well as tilting moments with hydraulic or electric drives in a completely enclosed housing.

  • Spur gear unit or worm drive
  • Max. torques of up to 450 kNm
  • Max. tilting moment load of up to 1,200 kNm
  • Raceway diameter of up to approx. 1,000 mm
  • Unlimited slewing range
  • Fast installation
  • Smooth, jolt-free movement - no stick/slip effect
  • Maximum safety through full encapsulation
  • Cost-efficient, proven technology
  • Compact, space-saving, heavy duty

For slew drives, some attachments such as the brake, planetary gear, motor, and rotary encoder can be delivered on request.

Standard product or individual solution?

IMO slew drives are available as a large selection of standard series. If none of our standard solutions is suitable for your application, our application engineers can work with you to develop a custom slew drive. Versions for continuous operation and extreme temperatures are possible, as are special materials. The mounting structure such as valve blocks, hydraulic connections, adapter plates, and sensors can also be taken into account in the design.

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Find your perfect slew drive:

WD series

High rotational speed,
high gear ratio,
rotational speed 1-3 rpm


Raceway diameter
156 mm to 713 mm
Maximum tilting moment
9 kNm to 1,095 kNm



Raceway diameter
280 mm to 725 mm
Maximum tilting moment
94 kNm to 1,052 kNm


SP series

Higher rotational speeds,
higher duty


Raceway diameter
229 mm to 1091 mm
Maximum tilting moment
22 kNm to 353 kNm



Raceway diameter
455 mm to 955 mm
Maximum tilting moment
153 kNm to 562 kNm


How is a slew drive constructed?

Slew drives